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Sounding Coastal Change

2016 - 2019

Sounding Coastal Change was a three-year project investigating the environmental and cultural changes occurring along the north Norfolk coast, primarily through music and sound. Lona Kozik joined the team as a recordist, sound artist and pianist. She collaborated with other team members, including Sam Richards (composer), Gair Dunlop (filmmaker), Richard Fair (recordist, radio producer and sound artist), George Revill (cultural geographer) and Johanna Wadsley (cultural geographer). 

Golinski/Kozik duo debut release

April 2015

Chris Golinski and Lona Kozik teamed up in 2009 at Mills College in California to explore and traverse the boundaries between piano and percussion. The Golinski/Kozik duo worked extensively while they both attended Mills College's improvisation program, and they released their debut album with Edgetone Records in April 2015.

Where are the women's voices, for Amnesty International

March 2015


New work made for a concert for Amnesty International - Where are the women's voices?, featuring three poems penned and read by Afghani women set in soundscapes of the city, the desert, the war and the voices of Afghani women.


Listen at

The 4th of July on the 3rd, Totnes Nonclassical at the Barrel House

July 2014

On Thursay 3rd July, one day short of American Independence Day, Totnes Nonclassical celebrates another side of the USA than flags, fireworks and speeches. This is the American of innovative music and groundbreaking sounds. And the fact that it's on the 3rd just shows how independent.


Featuring music by Terry Riley, Thelonious Monk, John Cage, Philip Glass and Morton Feldman - Including Terry Riley's minimalist classic "In C" and "Two Pages" by Philip Glass


Performers to include: Chris Booth (DJ), Luch Caise-Dearg (guitar), Elie Fruchter (keyboard), Lona Kozik (keyboard), Bethany Lowe (keyboard), Rachel Miller (flute & alto flute), Ruth Mollins (flute), Sam Richards (keyboard/piano), Carole Saint (violin), Andy Visser (soprano saxophone) and members of Torbay Symphony Orchestra.

Transmissions on the Radia network

July 2014

Transmissions, a piece for radio, will air on the international Radia network in the first week of July. The Radia network is an international network of community radio stations that have a common interest in producing and sharing art works for the radio. Initially consisting of all European radio stations, the network now includes 24 radio stations from 22 cities across 15 countries, speaking 10 different languages. Radia intends to be a space of reflection about today's radio and radio art. See for more information. 


Totnes Nonclassical opens at Barrel House

January 2014

NONCLASSICAL is a new context for music, classical and contemporary, currently very successful in London, Berlin, Exeter and elsewhere. It functions like a club night with DJ sets, but has designated spots in the evening for performances. This first event will include live performances of music by Stockhausen and Lona Kozik, a homage to Ligeti's famous piece for 100 metronomes, electroacoustic music from Richard Gonski's Digital Music Archives, a new electrocoustic piece by Lucinda Guy, "Le bœuf sur le toit" 1919) for piano/four hands played to Charlie Chaplin's "The Floorwalker" PLUS amazing DJ sets from Nwando Ebizie. PHEW! What more could you ask for? Together with our friends at Totnes Music Now, we bring the well-loved, London orignated Nonclassical night to the Barrel House, Totnes. This is the first of many -- or at least four a year.New music live, electroacoustic works and DJ sets.This will be recorded for broadcast on Sunday evening.

American Museum Music Series in Bath
September 2013

Lona Kozik will be featured as part of the Music Series at the American Museum in Bath in September 2013.  She is currently writing original music for solo pianist and keyboard ensemble to be performed by herself and members of Half Moon Assemblage.

Candy Acid in London
February & April 2013​​

Candy Acid were featured in the dance piece re:plant (Carly Boland, Marah Wilson and Hannah Bertram) premiered Bethnal Green Working Men's Club and performed in various other locations around London.  

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