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Lona Kozik performs in a variety of styles and in a variety of contexts.  She prefers to collaborate in performance, and her partnerships include:


Formed in 2006 at the Dartington International Summer School, Elie Fruchter and Lona Kozik are the piano duo 4Hands.  They play 20th century music and currently specialise in music of the early 20th-century French avant-garde.  They have developed two programmes of music, Like a Nightingale with Toothache, featuring the music and writings of Erik Satie; and The Mysterious Kiss in the Eye, featuring French avant-garde film of the 1920s.

Half Moon Assemblage

Half Moon Assemblage formed in 2008 as a unique improvising trio featuring three keyboard players - Lona Kozik, Sam Richards and Elie Fruchter.  In addition to their main instrument, each member of Half Moon Assemblage plays a secondary instrument (Lona plays electric violin, Elie plays cello and Sam plays a toychestra), allowing them to take a more experimental, sound-based approach.  They are often joined by special guest, Tim Sayer, on trumpet and electronics.  They have played concerts alone and with film as part of the Super Saturation Conference at Plymouth University in 2008 and as part of the Pianarama Festival at Totnes Cinema.

Golinski/Kozik Duo

Lona Kozik and Chris Golinski teamed up in 2009 to explore and traverse the boundaries between piano and percussion.  They worked together extensively while attending Mills College's improvisation program, and they released their debut album, Spelaeology, on Edgetone Records in 2015.

​Candy Acid

Formed in 2010 as part of an outdoor dance improvisation project, Candy Acid is Lona Kozik on toy electric violin and Gretchen Jude on a Roland SP404.  Developed as a site-specific, ambient-electronic duo, Candy Acid aims to make low-tech, portable electronic music that both infiltrates and responds to shared human-natural acoustic environments.  Their performances have included experiments in acoustic ecology within BART stations around the San Francisco bay area.  They are planning an Underground Tour of Europe as an extension of their BART Residency of 2011.



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